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    FIBOS 的 DEX 填充底仓后,与底仓池的交易,也就是类似于 Uniswap 的;以及和订单簿的交易,也就是像传统中心化交易所的那种交易形式的手续费,都会归底仓用户按比例分配。 只要填充进去就可以不用管了,提取底仓的时候,会按照算好的比例分配,一并发放。
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    提案主旨 为Fibosswap(dex.fo)引入流动性 扩大影响力,让更多用户体验到无拥堵低费用的swap 吸引公链资产迁移至Fibos 提升Fibos市值 提案内容 代币激励 给流动性提供者发放FO代币奖励 前两周每天奖励100,000 FO, 流动池均分,流动池内按比例分配. 两周后每天奖励10,000 FO, 分配方式同上。 流动池 早期可以参与挖矿的4个流动池分别是:USDT-ETH,DAI-ETH, USDT-FO, ETH-FO 经济模型 流动性提供者可以获得0.25%的交易费用,Fibosswap获得0.05% 回购FO。 回购的FO 20%用于开发迭代和审计,80%流入LP激励池。 -------------------------- Main thrust of the proposal Introduce liquidity to Fibosswap (dex.fo) Expanding the reach and allowing more users to experience congestion-free and low-cost swap Attracting public chain assets to Fibos Raising the market value of Fibos Content of the proposal Token incentive FO token awards to liquidity providers 100,000 FO per day for the first two weeks, divided equally between the flow pools and prorated within the flow pools. After two weeks, the bonus is 10,000 FO per day, distributed as above. Streaming Pools The 4 liquid pools that can be involved in early mining are USDT-ETH, DAI-ETH, USDT-FO, and ETH-FO. Economic model Liquidity providers get 0.25% of the transaction fee and Fibosswap gets 0.05% of the repurchased FO. 20% of the repurchased FO is used to develop iterations and audits, and 80% flows into the LP incentive pool. ----------------- Note: 1.Added English version.Edited by @fibosio on September 4, 2020.
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