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What is the specific role of FOD?

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IBO as a way to issue token by anchoring blockchain asset greatly improves the intrinsic value of the token and is a great help to the healthy and steady development of projects. However, as a reserve, the price of blockchain assets fluctuates greatly under the influence of the market, which is not helpful to the launching of many projects.

Therefore, in order to advance the cross-chain value transfers and increase the influence and application of FIBOS and its ecosystem, we need a blockchain asset with relatively stable value and small price fluctuation to serve as the reserve.

With comprehensive consideration, conforming and responding to the development needs, FIBOS community submitted the FOD proposal which was passed with community consensus by voting. This will certainly bring great help to the overall development of the FIBOS ecosystem.

 The key roles of FOD for ordinary users are as follows:

Using FOD as a means of storing value and can also play a role of capital hedging.

Participate in FOD DApps and other blockchain projects and enjoy their services and applications.

There is no service fee for transfers on the FIBOS chain, so the cost of using FOD is a great advantage.

FIBOS transfers are very fast, thus providing a better user experience.

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