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Why did the project teams of FIBOS ecosystem select FOD?

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Why did the project teams of FIBOS ecosystem select FOD?

Developer use cases:

Use FOD as the reserve to issue intelligent tokens for the projects.

Use FOD as reserve, it can set Bancor model with CW=100% so that launched projects can have their own stable coins.

Use FOD as value medium of payment and circulation in the ecosystem to promote launching and landing of projects.

Advantages and Necessity:

While enjoying the low development threshold and cost of FIBOS, FOD also makes it convenient to use stable coin as a tool for project development and operation.

FOD can be instantly converted between Ethereum and FIBOS, taking account of both the user groups and advantages of the two public chains, which is helpful to the development of projects.

FOD transfers on the FIBOS chain are cost-free, so it greatly reduces the cost of project operation, and makes it possible for supporting large-scale, high-frequency fund application scenarios.

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