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How to get FOD?

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1. Basic Preparation

Currently, the world’s main trading websites which support USDC transactions:

1. Download ETH wallet and registerhttps://token.im/

2. Download FO wallet and registerhttps://wallet.fo/zh-cn


1. Purchase USDC


1. Register an account at one of the exchanges

Fire Coin (https://www.huobi.co/zh-cn/ 

Binance Coin http://www.ld0769.com/ (VPN is recommended)

After arriving at the exchanges, follow the steps for registration as prompted. Both exchanges need to be registered and it is recommended to write down the account information on paper.


2. Buy USDT

1) Log on to Huobi Exchange, select Fiat, and click “Buy USDT”

  Select Asset, transfer the purchased USDT to your Binance account.

3.Transfer USDT to the account of Binance Exchange

   Login to Binance Exchange

 Log in the website (https://www.binance.co/register.html?ref=36081859), transfer USDT purchased from Huobi.com into your account at Binance Exchange.

  Select receive USDT as follows:

 Copy the receiving address of USDT

 Visit Huobi Exchange for Withdraw

Withdraw USDT


4. Buy USDC

 Login Binance Exchange

   Buy USDC with the USDT in your account

  Transfer USDC to your imToken wallet

   Start imToken and copy your receiving address (Public Key)

Login Binance Exchange to withdraw, see below picture. Select USDC.


Steps as below:

Flow: FOD->USDC->USDT/BTC/ETH->Legal Tender

  Login Mapping Website

Go to http://fod.fibos.io/ to finish the association of mapping between FIBOS account (FO wallet account name) and ETH wallet address (public key).  See below picture:

Chrome is the recommended browser.

Enter your FO wallet account in the box above and click the "Map Address". The web page will prompt you to download the metamask.io plug-in; log in to Metamask after registration and select Import Account to import your own ETH wallet (imtoken) private key. See below picture:


Please enter your FIBOS(FO) account in the box and click the mapping button Map Address

  Confirm Mapping

Complete the association of the mapping between your ETH wallet and FO wallet. Login to Metamask plug-in, see below picture:

Check if the mapping is successful

Enter your ETH wallet address (public key) in the mapping box; click the mapping button Map Address to check if the operation is successful. If its successful, there is a prompt shown as below red circle.

 Withdraw FOD

The corresponding operation is to take USDC from your ETH wallet to your FO wallet. The operation is as follows:

Receiving wallet address: Fill in the FIBOS on ETH address


Steps as below:

Login http://fod.fibos.io/, select FOD withdrawal function. Please refer to below for filling in:

Once withdrawn successfully, the correct USDC amount will be shown in ETH wallet.

Note: The handling fee is 0.51 FOD/ per transaction and the minimum withdrawal amount is 1.12 FOD.

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